An intricate wedding between Washington DC and Mysore, India

A sensible exchange of vows at Villa Balbianello
Young lovers break the tangible at a hidden retreat in Malaga.
Young lovers break the tangible at a hidden retreat in Malaga.

We can travel worldwide to film you and tell your story


The world is a small place and we love new adventures. As every wedding is an adventure, we can be there for you, to film your celebration and later boil the footage down into a unique movie. We create handcrafted wedding films, captivating the beautiful moments, people, speeches, locations and love as it happens. With every wedding, there is also a story that is to be told and we will make sure to capture it in the best possible way. With us, don’t expect a cinema film crew, we’ll be there with you as your friends, only packing the essential equipment we need, so we won’t get in the way of your wedding but rather enjoy it fully with you.

 A blend of cinematic documentary and artistic storytelling


We film, edit and craft together a beautiful organic wedding films, a motion piece that tells the spontaneous story of your day, coupled by stunning shots, great music and speeches that will be there years to come, not just for you, but also your children and your grandchildren, so you can show them how your day happened. Among our collections you will find our up to 5 minute Preview movie or longer, documentary edits like Highlight or Feature Movie, which are between 10 to 25 minutes long. We have our very own format for wedding films, staying away from trends and we create what we believe is a timeless video of your wedding day and you.


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