Jon Aleksander & Happy Wedding Films

I am not one for talking about myself, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. But there is a great chance you are here because you want me to capture your wedding through our videography and you deserve to know a little bit about me and Happy Wedding Films.

I am Jon Aleksander, a videographer, photographer and creative at Happy Wedding Films, a brand that moved away from the traditional and cliche wedding videography. We started filming back in 2011 and had no idea how far this will take us. I cherish a documentary approach to filming weddings, making the movies we craft, feel organic, natural and pristine. I want to believe that the movies we create, are a fine blend of documentary cinematography and beautiful visuals, always coupled by either tender music or touching audio – your own words. This vision has taken us across the world, to breathtaking spots where we met beautiful people and crafted for them something, that I believe will last and follow them for the rest of their lives. If you would like to know more, send over an email and we will arrange a Skype call so we can get to know each other better. So let’s start this conversation, go ahead and Contact us.


Videography  / Cinematography & Collections

We have tailored our video collections  to make sure we can offer you a unique film of your wedding. Through our 5 minute Preview, 15 minute Highlight and up to 25 minute Feature movie collections, we can create the most dynamic video experience that covers everything.

Along with that, you will also receive a short teaser, like the ones you can see in our portfolio. We narrowed down our packages to the most basic and simple form since we like to keep things simple and straightforward. But if you wish for something more, let us know and we will prepare a custom quote. We offer extras that can be added to the base collections, from Super8 vintage filming, use of aerial drone et cetera, all available at your request. Our movies are shipped in Postcard boxes as pictured below, along with some keepsake prints and Uncut Footage that holds all of the footage we shot.

WEDDINGS & TRAVELS 2016 / 2017

Confirmed dates for our weddings & travels.

February – New Zealand /
April – Venice, Italy / Paris, France / Marrakech, Morocco /
May – Florence, Italy / Scotland / London /
June – Lake Como, Italy / Big Sur, California /
July – Riga, Latvia / Beirut, Lebanon /
August – Chianti, Rome, Tuscany, Italy / London /
September – Marrakech, Morocco / Italy / Cadiz, Spain
October – Iceland / Italy / Marrakech, Morocco
January & February 2017 – New Zealand TBD