A collection of stills from Chinatown, Manhattan, made in 2013. I still have hundreds of photos that I yet have to organise and select but Chinatown was such an amazing and inspiring place that, although this collection is not wedding related, I simply had to feature this travel work here.

chinatown_nyc_COVER NYCnew-5chinatown_nyc_jon-13 chinatown_nyc_jon-D4 chinatown_nyc_jon-11 chinatown_nyc_jon-10 chinatown_nyc_jon-8NYCnew-3 NYCnew-4 chinatown_nyc_jon-D1chinatown_nyc_jon-15 chinatown_nyc_jon-9NYCnew-1 chinatown_blog-1 chinatown_nyc_jon-17 chinatown_nyc_jon-16chinatown_nyc_jon-1 chinatown_nyc_jon-2 chinatown_nyc_jon-18chinatown_nyc_jon-25 chinatown_nyc_jon-20 nycnew01-5 nycnew01-4 chinatown_nyc_jon-28 chinatown_nyc_jon-19 chinatown_nyc_jon-21 chinatown_nyc_jon-23