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We’re all about traveling and filming. But we need You to craft new stories and films, so send us an email and hopefully, we’ll start this journey together. Let us know about you and your wedding day, a paragraph is always better than a single line. We’ll do our best to respond right away but if we are on the road, give us few days so we can find our way online and get back to you.

We are available for work worldwide, if there’s a boat, plane or a train that can get us to you, we’ll find a way.

Wedding Collections

Our Wedding Collections start at 3250€ and Elopement collections start at 2500€. We can only accept and film so many weddings in a season, so we are on a lookout for untraditional weddings and couples who have a story that will challenge us. Whatever you have going on, do let us know.

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MOBILE: +386 41 976 885

Jon Aleksander
Happy Wedding Films