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WHERE ARE YOU BASED OUT OF? City of Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.

ARE YOU WILLING TO TRAVEL? Of course, we love to do Destination weddings. Anywhere you need & want us, we will try our best to get there, for Engagement / Postcard films and sessions or weddings. So far we filmed our couples around Europe and the US.

HOW DO YOU WORK ON INTERNATIONAL WEDDINGS? I usually arrive with my assistants to meet you one or two days before the wedding. We can use this time to get to know you, see the venue or use the time for a quick photo or video shoot. For destination weddings we charge some travel & lodging fees.

CAN WE COMMUNICATE IN A NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE? I can speak Slovenian and English fluently and can speak basic German. Peter however speaks German fluently and to some extent Spanish, French and Italian.

HOW DOES THE PAYMENT PROCESS WORK? When you book us, upon signing the contract, you are required to pay the booking deposit. The rest of the payment has to be done in any time before the wedding, as you see fit or on the day of the wedding.

DO YOU OFFER ENGAGEMENT FILMS? We do, but we like to call them Postcard films. We love it when we can portray our couples in a unique way. We also offer short Save the Date films, which you can use as a part of your wedding invitation.

DO YOU HAVE BACKUP GEAR? Yes. We always have multiple camera bodies, a number of lenses, and more memory cards than we need at all weddings.

DO YOU HAVE A BACKUP VIDEOGRAPHER? We do. If either of us can’t make it for some reason, we have 2

other videographers that have worked with us in the past and always delivered same stunning footage. Your wedding films will always be edited by me personally, I do not outsource others to do my job.

WHAT ABOUT BOOKING YOU? We work on a first come, first serve basis like the rest of the industry. Sadly we cannot hold dates for you without booking deposit and signing the contract.

DO YOU ONLY CREATE SHORT FILMS LIKE THE ONES ON YOUR WEBSITE? No, the films on our website and Vimeo are just trailers or wedding previews. The focus of our work are our beautiful Highlight and Feature Films, which are usually 10, 15 or 20+ minutes long. Once you send us an inquiry, we will get back to you with all the information on available packages and pricing.

HOW DO WE GET OUR FILMS? We provide our films on wooden USB flash drives in unique handcrafted Postcard or Little boxes which can hold your films. Some packages already include the boxes. We always include a couple of our analog fine prints, and the boxes can hold the USB drive with your uncut/RAW footage as well.

WHEN DO WE GET OUR FILMS? Usually it takes us 2 months to get your films ready and shipped, but this can happen sooner or a bit later. Trailers are done within a month after the wedding. The last thing I would want to do is rush over your wedding, just to get it done by the deadline. The memories we craft will be there for you in the years to come and if we need more time to create something beautiful for you, I see no reason not to take that extra time.

WHY DO WE NEED A PROFFESIONAL VIDEOGRAPHER? It is true that a picture is worth thousand words, but video is thousand words and pictures. In the end, your wedding film will be edited in a unique style, as a handcrafted visualy stunning product and what is most important: series of moving images of yourselves, your friends and your family, which create a memory for years to come that can never be replaced by photography. It’s emotion in motion. You will be able to hand down your wedding film to your children and even grandchildren and show them how your celebrated your day of love. If you are still not convinced, go ahead and read through the 5 REASONS why WE think a wedding film is an investment you will start to appreciate the day you receive your film.